Morgan McKenzie found an abandoned kitten while walking around her property in Delaware. She heard tiny screams from a log, and when she came looking for it, she found a gray and white kitten all alone. At first, Morgan thought that the mother cat would return for it so she chose to leave it alone.

Later that night, Morgan decided to check on the kitten’s condition, hoping to see that the mother cat came back for it, but she can still hear it crying. She then realized that the kitten needed help, so Morgan decided to pick her up and take her home.


The kitten was only a day or two old – her eyes are still shut, her ears still folded and the poor kitten might’ve starved to death if they did not pick her up out of the log. Morgan decided to name the kitten Polly, after Polly Pocket.

When Morgan saw that Polly’s covered in fleas, she immediately ran a bath for her in the sink. That was where their 12-year-old Lab saw Polly for the first time. Paxton, the Lab, was curious and wanted to see what’s happening.

After the bath, they introduced Paxton to Polly. He immediately formed a special bond with Polly when he got to clean her every after bottle feed, like a loving parent. Polly enjoyed it because it was her first-ever parental care she experienced.


Given that her eyes are still shut, she could not see how large Paxton is, all she knows is that he takes care of her. Polly became comfortable with Paxton. They groom each other, she might not realize that she is a different specie from Paxton. To her, this is all normal.

As Polly’s vision became clearer in five weeks, the two of them spent all their time with each other. They were in love and inseparable. They like each other’s company like they were brothers and sisters.

As time passes by, their bond only grew deeper. Polly’s now five months old and Paxton’s almost thirteen years old, but their age gap did not hinder them from playing and spending time together.

Don’t you love reading stories like this? A dog adopting a kitten. It just shows that the world isn’t limited, and we can embrace diversity just how animals can adapt to change. I hope that this story brightens your day. Watch the short clip of Polly and Paxton below, you can also follow them on Instagram for adorable updates.

Photos and Video Credit pollyandpax‘s Instagram Account


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