In Shanghai, China, people celebrate the World Dog Show – or an event touted as a gathering for dog lovers and lovely dogs across the globe. Despite the celebration’s effort to honor dogs, many were still outraged, as the country had some people who still consumed dog meat.

Humane Society International said that its partner group in the opulent Chinese city found restaurants still selling dog meat less than 12 miles away from the venue of the celebration. One of those restaurants was even proud that a slaughterhouse in Xuzhou City supplied its dog meat.

Rescuing the troubled dogs

Humane Society International’s partner in China visited one of the slaughterhouses in Peixian county and found 22 dogs in filthy conditions; some of them were even injured. The rescuers believed that the pooches used to be other people’s pets; that was after finding a pile of discarded pet collars in one corner.


HSI’s informing organization was able to negotiate the release of the dogs; many of them were purebred. The fact that some dogs ended up in slaughterhouses while others were taken to the World Dog show was proof that there was a double standard.

HSI’s China policy expert Dr. Peter Li said that the investigation exposed the horrifying way millions of dogs in China were abused for the meat trade. In contrast, others were properly taken care of for pet trade. In his statement, it was mentioned that pet dogs were stolen from backyards for human consumption.

Urging China to end the dog trade

Dr. Li explained that most people in the country didn’t eat dogs. The World Dog Show in Shanghai was a fine example of a growing population of younger Chinese citizens who loved their dogs and despised thieves who stole pooches for the meat trade.

He contrasted the huge economic benefit of the booming pet care industry versus the dog meat trade that only acted as a stain on the country’s international reputation. He said they urged China to act so that the brutal trade would be ended.

Video Source: The Humane Society of the United States via YouTube



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