There are more to dogs than just pets. They are superheroes that go by the name of service dogs. You may not often see these kinds of dogs in your neighborhood, but they do exist.

Plenty of service dogs have helped more than thousands of disabled people all over the globe. They are specially trained to assist incapable people like the deaf, the blind, and even people with diabetes.

But not all breeds are appropriate to become service dogs. Some dogs, although physically fit and healthy to serve, don’t make the cut. But among the plenty dog breeds we currently have, here are three of the best breeds that were born to be heroes.


Golden Retriever

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People first bred Golden Retrievers in the 19th century specifically for hunters. Their purpose is to retrieve fowl.

Nowadays, Golden Retrievers still do much retrieving, but are capable of handling a broader range of tasks. Because they love pleasing their humans, Golden Retrievers are easily trained to perform any work assigned to them. They also fancy learning new things, a trait that is perfect for a service dog.

Their service work mainly revolves around tasks that require their gentleness and calming nature.

German Shepherd


This breed is, by far, the most popular service dog to date. Although they look tough and mean on the outside, they are very loyal on the inside.

They have taken up countless roles as a service dog. They are always the first pick in military and police tasks, but they are also excellent helpers as guide and hearing assistance dogs. Being a highly intelligent and hardworking breed, German Shepherds are remarkably biddable.

Aside from being obedient, they have also mastered intelligent disobedience (disregarding any of their master’s command which they think will risk their handler).


Small, but mighty, Pomeranians have joined the lines of the German Shepherd and Golden Retriever in their service dog careers. They might not be the first choice for physically impaired individuals, but they are tailor-made for people with psychiatric conditions, epilepsy, diabetes, or even autism.

Invisible disabilities are as real as the visible ones, but most establishments don’t recognize such conditions yet. With the Poms’ size and weight, they can be easily snuck into buildings without much trouble.

Working Poms are cute and cuddly, and with their playful and brave nature, they fit in the service dog role very well.

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