Defying all the odds, Princess survived a car crash and reunited with her owner, despite the dog appearing in a shelter almost a 100 miles away. Quite a lucky dog.

Following a car crash, Princess appeared in a Sacramento, CA shelter. Now the 7-year-old terrier rejoins her owner back in Berkeley, CA.


A car crash threw Princess from the owner’s car, after which the dog ran away. Amazingly, Princess managed to travel 78 miles to Sacramento after leaving the scene of the car crash. Maybe she had help, but only the dog herself would know how she made the trip to Sacramento. According to shelter’s spokesman Bobby Mann, someone delivered Princess to Sacramento’s Front Street Shelter last month.

Princess was a beloved guest at the shelter. Her friendly demeanor helped her quickly make friends.

“She’s a super sweet dog,” Mann said. “She’s the type of dog who quickly bonded with anybody. So obviously her family took really good care of her.”

Unfortunately, the dog had an unusual habit. When Princess wanted attention, she would often screech. Such behavior doesn’t tend to be endearing. In fact, screeching tends to scare people.

“It essentially turned off new adopters because they said this dog was really loud,” Mann said. “It seemed like her family was looking for her, and she was giving them the time to find her.”

According to Mann, Princess’ owner frequently searched shelter websites. Eventually, the owner’s efforts were rewarded, and he or she (we respect the owner’s anonymity) came across the picture of Princess featured on the Front Street Shelter’s website.

“The owner called and identified her dog, and we were very excited about that.”

On Wednesday, Princess reunited with her owner. Hopefully, nothing like this ever separates the duo again. I think even Princess might appreciate how lucky she was during her recent misadventure.  The relatively small dog survived a car accident, traveled 78 miles to a shelter in Sacramento, and still managed to make it back to her owner. Even Princess’ screeching helped to keep prospective adopters away long enough for her owner to come find her.

Maybe her owner is the lucky one.



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