In the dark highway of Capitol in Portland, Oregon, a man in pajamas, along with his dog, crossed the street. You would think that it’s not an uncommon scene on the road, but for Mike Thomas, a TriMet bus driver, it raised several red flags that compelled him to stop.

First red flag: one would not usually see a person with a dog cross that part of the highway. Second, the man was pulling the dog by the collar; he didn’t have a leash. Lastly, the man was in pajamas – who would take a stroll at night in their pajamas?

Disturbed and concerned, Thomas’ gut instincts told him there was something fishy going on. So he stopped the bus he was manning, opened the doors, and admitted the two onboard. At that time, Thomas felt like that was the safest choice to do.

The biggest red flag happened during a casual conversation between the unknown man and a female passenger. In the middle of their conversation, Thomas overheard the man offering the four-year-old yellow Labrador.

Thomas began to be suspicious of the man. He asked the stranger the Labrador’s name a few times to the point that this caused the man to become muddle-headed. He answered four different names, and none of them were correct – the dog’s name was Cooper.

When the bus reached the suspicious man’s destination, Thomas confronted the man. He grabbed the Labrador’s collar and told the man that the dog will be staying with him; he was going to give the canine back to its rightful owners.

It turns out, Cooper escaped or got stolen from his family.

When Cooper and his family got reunited, Jane Murphy, Cooper’s owner, said that they are so thankful and proud of Thomas for being observant and for going the extra mile for their beloved dog Cooper.

Source: Kitsap Sun via Facebook


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