One of the most trying parts of raising a dog is training them in being left alone inside the house. Dogs tend to be clingy; they get attached to their owners a lot that leaving the house with no one to look after them could be a challenge.

As they grow up, some dogs get trained not to escape their homes. Some owners put a little barricade in their doors so their pets cannot escape, and some put their dogs on a leash to stay put in one corner.

However, despite these various measures, some dogs still find their way out. One of these dogs is Pepper, a senior corgi dog.


One rainy night, Pepper’s owners, an elderly couple from West Virginia, left him alone at home to grab some dinner. When they came back, the 15-year-old corgi was nowhere to be found.

Pepper escaped their home and was left wandering around the neighborhood. The corgi kept on walking around, with its usual curious nature. Pepper was crossing the Charleston road when a lady spotted him.

Coincidentally, the lady who rescued the lost Pepper is the mother of the man behind a popular Twitter account named We Rate Dogs. We Rate Dogs, managed by Matt Nelson, is a social media account with over seven million followers. With this number of followers and a highly influential reach, Nelson posted about Pepper online.

The tweet gained a lot of retweets, further spreading the word on the lost dog. However, no leads turned up from the virtual search party. The corgi did not have any microchip either.

This led the mother and son tandem to do it the old way: they put up posters and missing pet flyers around the neighborhood.

Nelson’s mother, however, had a gut feeling that whoever owned Pepper must have been elderly. During one walk in search of Pepper, Nelson’s mother spotted a car driven by an old man, approached it, and asked if the man had lost a pet recently.

Almost like a miracle, the old man indeed had his corgi lost, and it was Pepper. Nelson then turned Pepper over to her original owners.

Pepper has captured the hearts of Nelson’s online followers, making the story viral with a whopping 22,000 likes.

Photos courtesy of We Rate Dogs via Twitter.

Thanks to Good News Network for the wonderful story.


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