Therapy dogs, these days, are being employed to help school-children throughout the US. The dogs are providing a calming effect on children during their hectic routines in school. A three-year-old Golden Retriever named Zooey is one such therapy dog who regularly spends time at a West Chester Twp school.

Zooey is available to all the students at the school, and the pooch has been able to make a lot of friends. Kids love to pause in the hallways or wherever they can to show the dog their love and affection.

An eighth-grader at the school remarked that Zooey had made the atmosphere at the school very positive. The young student said that the pooch had given everyone relief from a lot of stress and anxiety. The school could not ask for a better pooch.


Leanna Webber, the assistant principal at the school, said that Zooey brought new energy to the school, and children were thrilled to see the pooch at the campus every day. Leanna told reporters that the pooch regularly greeted the kids in the morning, and the students just loved to see the friendly canine.

One of Zooey’s favorite things to do at the school is to pick up pens, and other small objects, which are dropped by the kids.


The students who experience anxiety during their time at the school have the option to request the administration to allow every child, with or without special needs, to spend time with Zooey.

Zooey also says goodbye to all the students at the school during the afternoon. The pooch does not mind helping students during their gym classes as well.

When you look at Zooey, it becomes pretty evident that the dog is absolutely enjoying her time at the school with all those friendly children around her.

Image source: Screenshot from a video via Journal-News


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