A Pit Bull was the last dog left at an adoption event who saw the other 299 dogs have new permanent families, but no one even stopped to look at him. Since nobody wanted to adopt this gentle and adorable dog, rescuers became sad and confused.

This Pit Bull, named King Zeus, has been a long-time resident at the Humane Society for Hamilton County (HSHC) in Indiana. When he first arrived in the shelter, it was very evident this stray dog had suffered a lot in the streets; he even had many scars on his face.

However, in spite of his rugged and rough appearance, the HSHC wrote this nine-year-old King Zeus had captured their hearts instantly. His expressive eyes and love for cuddles and pets made him the favorite of the staff. Zeus loves people, including small kids.


But, perhaps, one of the reasons why he was ignored in the event is that he was lying down silently in his cage. He lays on his crate as he watches people passing by him. He did not bark or howl to receive attention. He seems hopeless in finding a permanent home.


Perhaps, he lost his hope of finding his forever home since he had experienced being adopted before, and his former masters were not good fits because they also have other dogs at home. Living and staying with other dogs is difficult for Zeus. But, the staff on the shelter believed that he behaved well with young kids that he had lived.

Therefore, King Zeus again returned to the shelter to wait for somebody who can recognize how lovable he is. And finally, somebody was interested in him. It was Austin Smith who saw him shortly after the adoption activity and then, without any hesitation, brought him home.

At last, King Zeus found his forever family and home. He is now pampered well with much love and care. After several months of waiting, he was now living with his new parent.

Here is a video below that shows the inspiring story.

Video credit Humane Society for Hamilton County (Indiana) via Facebook


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