An animal shelter in Ukraine saved an abandoned dog with blue eyes last 2019. The dog was all alone living on the streets for some time. He looked sickly, and his body has mange all over it.

The staff took care of him immediately. They gave him food and made sure he received medical attention.

The dog started to feel at ease and settled in. The rescuers had begun to look for someone that will give the dog his loving home.

They posted photos of the dog on their Facebook page. Their goal was to attract a potential family to adopt him. The dog still looked rough on his photos.

It didn’t stop people who saw it to fell in love with the dog. What attracted them the most is his two sets of beautiful blue eyes. The post went viral and was shared a lot.

After two days since the dog’s photos went famous on Facebook, a woman called the shelter. She told them that the dog look’s a lot like the one that she has been missing for years.

She said that someone stole Lord, her dog from her yard in 2017, and from then one she was miserable and been looking for him ever since.

The woman then visited the shelter the next day to meet the dog. Both were nervous at the moment, and they were both a bit hesitant at the same time.

Suddenly, the dog started wagging his tail. He jumped up to the woman. He hugged her, and the woman began to cry with tears of joy.

The woman confirmed it was her dog, Lord. Everyone in the shelter witnessed the reunion of the two, and it was a fantastic experience to see.

The dog looked so happy while sniffing and hugging his mom as if he was telling her, “Mom, it’s you, and you found me! “.The shelter and Lord’s mom was thankful for everyone who shared his picture.

Both she and her dog cannot express their gratitude to everyone who made it possible to reunite them again.

Video credit: ZooLand


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