Humans all have different ways of showing what we feel. Some do it through gestures and grand acts, and some do it by voicing their emotions out and screaming it into the world,

Dogs, however, have no voice to speak out what they feel. They can express themselves through movements and actions, sometimes even whimpers and barking, but humans can misinterpret even those. Nevertheless, dogs can get creative in their expression too.

Feevale University in Brazil was a witness to this creative expression of dogs. One day, a stray dog passed by the university and decided to linger around the campus. The dog stayed there for a couple of days, taking refuge in the university halls.


One day, the dog walked into the on-campus bookstore, Infinity Livraria. The dog walked inside the library, picked up a book, and went out. A few moments later, a student returns the book to the bookstore, telling the staff about the dog’s actions. Watch the whole moment below as caught by the bookstore’s security camera:

However, the book was not just any random book: it was entitled “Days of Abandonment”. This book choice seemed appropriate for the stray dog’s situation; the dog was lonely and was most likely abandoned by his owners.


Infinity Livraria posted the surveillance video on their Facebook page, and it did not take long before it went viral. The video reached an animal rescue team who decided to take in the stray dog and turn its life around.

The rescue team had the dog checked by the vet, completed his vaccine shots, and groomed. Now, the dog is being fostered and is waiting for his forever home. The book he stole, returned with teeth marks visible on the cover, is now on display in Infinity Livraria to serve as a remembrance.

The dog is now officially free from his days of abandonment, indeed.

Thanks to Infinity Livraria via Facebook and The Dodo for sharing the story.




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