Six years after Fern was taken from the front porch of the Ferrier family home, the abducted dog reunites with her family.


Back when she was first taken, two-year-old Ethan Ferrier beseeched the perpetrators to return Fern.



In his letter, Ethan wrote: “To the bad men who took Fern. Can Fern come home now please. I miss her.”


Discovery and the Abducted Dog Reunites with her Family


Recently, a dog was discovered wandering the streets as a stray. She stank, and scabs covered her body. Vets scanned the dog’s microchip. After discovering it was Fern, the veterinary clinic in Surrey called Ethan’s mother, Jodie Ferrier.


Since Fern’s abduction and Ethan’s letter, Jodie Ferrier and her family have relocated to the Isle of Wight. Following her return home, Fern is happy. Mrs. Ferrier stated “it is like she has never been away”.



All the evidence indicates Fern was a part of a puppy farm, as she has enlarged teats. According to the vets, the spaniel had at least six litters. How she was treated during her six-year misadventure is unknown; however, men scare Fern.


Jodie recounted: “She was only a year old when she was stolen from me.


“One minute she was there, the next she was gone. She was on the driveway at home and she just vanished. There was no sighting of this dog until yesterday, nothing.


“Yesterday I got that phone call saying that the woman at the vet thought she had my dog! Twyford veterinary practice had her, a man kindly handed her in as she was standing in the middle of the road.


“Nobody locally knew anything about her so he took her to the local vets to have her scanned. They scanned her microchip and it was ours!


“She’s been well fed wherever she’s been for the last six years, she’s got very itchy skin though so she’s booked in with my vet this afternoon”.

Stories like this remind us to always persevere and remain hopeful.


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