Dogs are some of the most warm-hearted creatures to live on this planet. Though they couldn’t use verbal communication, our canine pals use gestures to indicate how much they love us.

Thus, it’s not unusual for a Siberian Husky to love snuggling with its fur dad. But, it seems the pooch doesn’t want to share Dad’s affection with its feline friend as it throws a fit while he pets the cat.

Daddy’s mine only, okay?

In this funny footage, an adorable Siberian Husky comfortably lounges on the sofa. But, the pooch isn’t alone on the comfy couch as its fur dad and feline friend sit on it as well.


At first, you’ll think the cute trio’s getting along well. But, the moment Dad starts petting the black-furred cat, the Siberian Husky keeps its eyes trained on the lovey-dovey pair.

When Dad continued stroking the cat, the Husky can no longer keep its emotions bottled as it barks at Dad. By the looks of it, the dog’s jealous that Dad caressed the feline.

Dad, cuddle me, too!

Despite the dog’s outburst, Dad carried on caressing the cat. Even if the Husky whimpered and whined, Dad continued scratching the feline’s neck. It’s as if Dad’s deliberately making the pooch jealous.

Seeing this, fur mom can’t help but laugh at the pooch’s reaction. She even asked if the Husky’s throwing a temper tantrum. But, instead of responding, the pooch merely stared at Dad, hoping that Dad would give him some cuddles.

But, it seems Dad doesn’t have any plans of petting the Husky as he continues patting the cat’s back. With this, the Husky finally decides to do something to gain Dad’s attention.

What do you think did the jealous Husky do? You’ll only know if you watch the full video linked below.

Video Credit: Rumble Viral via YouTube



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