When you’re happy, your whole body just follows. Take this doggie who moves its pom-pom body to the beat of happiness.

Her name’s Butter, and though she’s a mother to one, she still knows how to have fun. She never fails to show her appreciation for all the activities she likes doing.


We could spend tons of hours looking at Butter’s adorable smiling face. She’s fluffy, she’s cute, and she possesses the power to melt hearts like no other.

The pom-pom’s hooman raises other pets, and Butter shares the home with four pals and one daughter. They eat meals together, play as a family, and take walks together.

They all look well-behaved, and we can’t help but applaud this hooman mama. Her heart’s so big that she can give love six times over!

According to Butter’s hooman, she started this dancing behavior after she gave birth to Maneul, her only puppy.

The birth’s via C-section, and at first, hooman mama thought it’s the pet’s way to scratch the itchy stitches. They soon discovered that the adorable pomeranian does it for very different reasons.


Butter dances when she’s happy, and when she needs more attention. She became so proficient in doing it that she attracted people’s attention whenever they’re out.

Naturally, some pets felt a little miffed, but they couldn’t stop this pom-pom from shining and showing her dancing skills.

Who wouldn’t stop to admire this tiny doggy’s dancing? She’s pretty alright, but with those skills, it’s rather hard to miss that undeniable star power.

She doesn’t mind where she is; she makes any platform her stage. That’s what we call passion and laser-focus!

We’re glad you appreciate the simplest things in life, pom-pom! We all could learn a lesson or two from you.

Our thanks to the team who made this video happen, more of these, please!

Photo and video credits to SBS TV via YouTube


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