Just hearing the idea behind Netflix’s documentary called Dogs is enough to make a canine lover shed a tear or three. But no dog aficionado can ever prepare for the tear-shedding that is to happen once they finally get to see the series. That is most true for Dogs third episode, Bravo, Zeus.

Bravo, Zeus is about Ayham, a Syrian refugee who has been provided asylum by Germany. After fleeing his war-torn hometown, Damascus, Ayham found a relatively better life in Berlin. But Ayham cannot find it in himself to be totally happy given how his beloved dog, Zeus, is still back in Syria, being cared for by his good pal, Amer.

Photo courtesy of Scoopy Whoop

Ayham has not seen Zeus for over two years. And he wants to get reunited with his pup. This is the very conflict of the story. And it’s one heck of a problem, considering the logistics involved if it were to be done.

Ayham goes through all the appropriate channels to bring his pup to Germany. While watching the episode, you almost want to give up as a viewer, on behalf of Ayham. Somehow you know the whole thing is impossible.

Video courtesy of Netflix via YouTube

But then life never runs out of silver linings. Ayham gets to figure out how to bring Zeus to Germany. The plan works out in the end.

Ayham and Zeus’s reunion is arguably one of the most heart-tugging scenes ever captured on film. The happiness and relief Ayham feels are almost palpable from your laptop or TV screen. It is also one of the most inspiring movie moments in the history of popular culture.

If there’s a lesson to be had here, it will have to do with persistence and the power of resilience. Also, dogs are indeed man’s best friend.

Source: Scoop Whoop


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