We bring our dogs to groomers regularly to give them a good cleaning and trimming. After a satisfying session, our pretty pooches smell and look awesomely good looking, and we can’t stop hugging them. But if you want to give them a whole new look, there’s more than just a haircut available. How about some creative grooming?

At the Katrina Pet Salon located in San Leandro, California, dogs can have more than just the usual grooming. You can have your dogs made to look like wild animals! Owner, Katrina Short, professionally crafts this refreshing and amusing new look you want for your pooches.


Short has been a groomer for more than fifteen years already and has been an animal lover ever since she was young. Short wanted to become a veterinarian but has fallen in love with grooming animals over the years.

Fur parents need not to worry about the products used by the salon. Short guarantees that all products used to dye are safe to use, not just in their salon, but the entire industry. She only uses products with no alcohol, no ammonia, vegan-based, and are nontoxic.


Short introduced some of her dog models whom she transformed into a zebra and a giraffe. Another dog model is Khalee, a poodle who Short transformed into a very glamorous one. Khalee, now a black and pink pooch, also has very charming painted nails with bling on.

According to Khalee’s fur mom, this pup used to be depressed. She didn’t like walks and didn’t like being outside, but after her stunning transformation, she’s now very confident in flaunting her style. She would even be very careful with her nail charms and would always cross her legs.

Since Short is very hands-on with her business for many years and has been so used to dogs’ physique, she has saved five dogs by having early detection of their cancerous tumors. Short was able to feel unusual lumps during her grooming sessions.

This marvelous transformation the Katrina Pet Salon can do for your dear dogs can be more than just the grooming and styling. It guarantees a boost in your dog’s self-esteem. It also gives them a once in a lifetime opportunity to go wild with their style.

Source: Insider via Youtube


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