Not Roma or Steve. Still beautiful nonetheless.

Featured in Reader’s Digest and written by Steve Madden, Roma’s letter addressed to her master details her life waiting for and playing fetch with her master. Through the eyes of a dog, readers can appreciate a new side of the human-dog relationship and begin to see how little things like walks and food form the basis of unbreakable friendships.


In her letter, Roma notes how she often waits for her master to come home. Her loyalty and patience will surely bring a tear to your eye. While reading the letter, you will begin to wonder how exactly your furry friend views everyday life and if he or she picks up on your habits. In some ways, maybe dogs view life as a big game, where a master might leave but always comes back. By the end of the letter, it becomes apparent Roma and Steve loved each other.


Friends Forever

Dogs are aptly named man’s best friend. Despite our failure to always live up to their expectations, our dogs love us nonetheless. And we love them back. Even when dogs have “accidents”, we still love them. They are always with us. They comfort us. They warm our hearts. And we love them for it. I think this quote encapsulates the love between Steve and Roma.



“Dogs can’t smile, but humans can. And you smile when you see me. And the dark things in the middle of your eyes get big. Know what? You love me.


But not as much as I love you. And not just because you gave me a warm place to sleep and yummy food and because when you reach out a hand, it’s to stroke my head, not to hit me the way the people who dumped me by the fern bed did, but because you let me love you, and you love me back.”

This excerpt warmed my heart. The human-dog relationship is truly beautiful. Thank you, Steve and Roma, for sharing your story with the world. Read the rest of the article over at Reader’s Digest:


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