Having a dog in the house completes the family. After all, they are more than just our pets; they are part of our family. Despite their reputation for being unpredictable, dogs are, in fact, very good when it comes to children.

However, introducing a baby to the family dog can sometimes be challenging. Sometimes, things just don’t go the way we expect them to be, and all we can do is hope for the best.

For one tough-looking Bull Mastiff, however, being introduced to his new baby brother was easy. Brutus, the family’s pet Bull Mastiff, had sensed Bonnie Michalek’s pregnancy even before she did. He would lay beside Bonnie as if to protect his developing baby brother.


Brutus is a sweet dog, so when Bonnie discovered that she was having a baby, she already knew that Brutus would be more than happy to accept the baby as part of the family. According to Bonnie, Brutus always loved kids, and when he hears kids playing, he gets excited.

When baby Kayden finally came, Brutus had to spend some time with his grandparents. When Brutus was brought back home, Bonnie had to spend some time alone with him before introducing him to the baby. They wanted to make sure to make the transition as smooth as possible for both Brutus and baby Kayden.


When it was finally time to introduce Kayden to Brutus, Brutus completely bypassed Bonnie’s husband and immediately rushed towards his new baby brother, Kayden. It was an adorable moment. Brutus immediately took to Kayden, giving him a lot of kisses.

What’s even more adorable is that every time Kayden starts to cry, Brutus picks up his favorite toy—a fluffy yellow ball—and brings it to the baby. He would offer it to Kayden to try and keep him from crying. How adorable is that?

As Kayden grew up, he and Brutus became the best of friends. They would snuggle together every chance they get, and Brutus is always there for his younger brother.

Watch as baby Kayden is introduced to Brutus in the video below.

Source captainbrutus via Instagram


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