China recently cloned its highly-awarded police dog dubbed as “Sherlock Holmes of police dogs” – to meet the great need for quality security dogs through less expensive means and with lesser training time.

The cloned puppy is named Kunxun, now 3 months old, the first-ever cloned police dog in China. She comes from the excellent lineage of Kunming wolfdogs. Wolfdogs are usually used in police work, border security, and firefighting. She has started her basic training at Kunming Police Dog Base in Yunnan Province. If all works well, after six months, she will progress to a “university” for more specialized training. At ten months old, she will be in fulltime service after a short period as a novice.

Kunxun was cloned from a gene taken from Huahuangma, a celebrated veteran dog that has helped cracked numerous cases. Huahuangma is considered a gifted and prized asset of the police. She is one of a kind police dog. Usually, dogs of Huahangma’s caliber costs  $74,490 or 500,000 yuan and five years of training, said Professor Wei Hongjiang, a scientist who assisted in the cloning.


So far, Kunxun has adjusted well in her new environment. She is sociable, alert and friendly to humans. She has a strong sense of smell and can easily find concealed food. She is observant and not easily scared.

Police dog cloning is still a relatively new technology in China. Once perfected, it hopes to build a repository of cells of the best police dogs for future mass cloning.


South Korea was the first to clone a dog in 2005 named Snuppy, an Afghan breed. Later, they had been cloning dogs for special military or police use mostly for American and Russian clients at the cost of $100,000 per dog.

Professor Wei said that cloning of working dogs has lesser moral issues because of its good intentions and implications. He also cited that animal cloning can also help in preserving and saving endangered species if used in the right manner.

Please watch the video below.

Source: New China TV via Youtube



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