Doting fur parents know how our canine pals possess a peculiar way of doing daily tasks. No matter what activity they plan to perform, dogs always manage to make us laugh.

With this, a particularly playful pooch assumes an exciting position in taking a nap. Even if the dog’s position doesn’t seem comfy, nothing can make the canine change its mind.

You okay there, Hank?

In this captivating footage, a six-month-old puppy named Hank lies comfortably on the back seat of their car. Right next to the pooch, his human sister sits in her car seat as well.

By the looks of it, Hank and his fur family go on a trip somewhere. However, the pooch isn’t interested in their destination as it chooses to chill out in the car.

But, after a few seconds into the video, you’ll see that Hank hasn’t moved an inch since the beginning. With this, Mom zooms in on Hank to see how he’s faring.

Umm, would you like to change positions, bud?

As soon as the camera zoomed in on the dog, one can finally see what Hank’s doing. It turns out; the relaxed doggo took its much-needed nap while riding inside the car.

Sleeping inside a car isn’t novel, but Hank’s sleeping position makes this video intriguing. Unlike most pooches that love stretching their full length in the area, Hank sleeps with his head up while using his sister’s arm as support.

Strange as it looks, Hank seems comfortable with his sleeping position. And, it seems Hank’s fur sister also knows about this as she willingly allows the pooch to use her arm even if she’s also napping.

Do you want to see Hank snoozing in his innovative position? Make sure to click on the link below to continue watching the clip.

Video Credit: Rumble Viral via YouTube


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