Amu grew up on a farm. His best friend is Chorong, a black horse. These pals are inseparable… but there is one little problem — Amu is a dog who thinks he is a horse.

At the track, Amu races and tries to catch up to his best friend. Whenever Chorong gallops, Amu prances alongside him. His owner was amused at first but it is clear that this can’t go on for long. Amu needs to know who he really is.

So the owner fetches Amu from the stable he shares with Chorong. They are busy eating horse food (Amu does not want to eat dog food, because… why would he? Horses like him don’t eat dog food). His owner is determined to show Amu that he is not like Chorong.

Man, dog, and horse spend the day at the track. Chorong and Amu both trot from the starting point. Chorong raced and leaped off one hurdle effortlessly, however, Amu stopped dead in his tracks. “What are these deadly steel barricades and why can’t I leap off them as Chorong did?” he seemed to think.

Back at the stables, the owner called the horse. “Show me your foot,” he said. Chorong showed his horseshoe-laden foot. As for the dog, when the owner asked for his paw, Amu showed him his torn paw pads.

“Just as I feared,” said the owner. “This is because you are not a horse.” And he placed gloves on Amu’s paws to protect them from the ground. In the meantime, Amu walks around like a four-legged duck with webbed feet.

The owner also introduced Amu to other dogs he can relate to. We just hope he doesn’t think they are also horses who happened to look just like him!

Watch Amu’s crazy antics here:

Source: SBS TV동물농장x애니멀봐 via YouTube


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