Chihuahuas, though cute and small, can be quite loud and noisy. They usually bark and yelp over a slight noise. They are also one of the dogs who get excited quickly. No wonder a lot of people love to have chihuahuas as a companion at home.

To some people, their noisiness may come off as a hassle. But for other people like Scott Hubbard, he thought that these tiny dogs would come in handy. He had this brilliant idea of using a chihuahua as a security system for their house.

When Scott and adopted Gracie, their cute Chihuahua, he and his family assumed that she’d make noise whenever something odd happens in the house – let’s say, an intruder tries to trespass. But they were completely wrong! It turned out that the little pooch is the complete opposite of being a guard dog.


Gracie turns out to be a laid-back kind of dog who loves to chill. Fortunately, Scott managed to record Gracie living her best life while they set her out to guard the house.

The video starts by showing a big sign that reads “Beware of The Dog.” Of course, if you would read this sign, you’d have second thoughts of entering. Scott intentionally didn’t open the gate. Instead, he lifted the camera slowly upwards until he could get a glimpse of what Gracie was doing.


And there she was, seated comfortably in her doggie chair with a smile on her face, enjoying every moment of her chill life. It seems that she was sleeping but tried to open her eyes when she saw the camera focused on her.

Talk about being caught asleep while on the job. And as seen in the video, it doesn’t look like she is guilty at all. But guilty or not, I’m sure everyone still finds Gracie adorable.

Watch how Gracie was caught living her best life by Scott.

Source: scottyhubs via Instagram


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