Dogs are never just our pets; they are our family too. So in every milestone and celebration that come in our lives, we often want them to be a part of it. You may have heard about dogs accompanying their owners to graduation ceremonies and pooches enjoying the summer vacation in Hawaii, or even canines celebrating their owner’s 18th birthday at a grand hotel.

But have you heard about dogs as ring bearers at weddings? Imagine a cute little pup walking down the aisle in a coat and tie, looking effortlessly dapper for the event as he struts to meet his parents at the end of the red carpet. Well, this adorable canine not only suited up for his furparents’ wedding, but he also stole the limelight as he cruised down the aisle in a rather unusual (but utmostly adorable) style you ever did see.

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High school sweethearts John Selser and Taylor Tremonte have always treated Frankie, a Goldendoodle, as their precious kid. So when they finally decided to settle down, they wanted him to have the most significant role in their wedding, their ring bearer. They had everything planned out, from Frankie’s tailor-made suit to his very own Lamborghini!


And no, he’s not riding the Lambo to the wedding. He’s riding it at the wedding! He undoubtedly put on a show as he rode down the aisle to deliver the rings to the lovely couple. Of course, the guests loved the little guy in his adorable remote-controlled ride with flower decorations to complete the look.

He undoubtedly stole the hearts of the ladies at the wedding, and his parents looked rather proud and happy at his little stint, calling it a perfect New Year’s day.

Watch how adorable he is while he drives down the aisle.

Courtesy of What Happened Today


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