If someone crashes a wedding, it’s typically a bitter ex or an unhappy family member. A wedding in Laranjal Paulista, Brazil, however, was interrupted by an unlikely guest.

Marilia and Matheus Pieroni got hitched in September – a month that supposedly marks the end of the winter season in their country. But on their wedding day, instead of the typical mild and dry weather, torrential rain welcomed the wedding-goers.


The ceremony continued, but the event had to be moved to a tent.

When the bridal march started to play, the one who walked down the aisle was not the bride. – It was a muddy dog taking shelter from the rain! Everyone was surprised, but hurriedly shooed the dog away.


But as the actual ceremony reached its height, the stray returned! The couple was exchanging vows when the dog decided that the bride’s veil looked like an excellent place for a nap; he seemed to have no plans of leaving anytime soon.

“The dog came back and went straight to lay at the end of my veil,” Marilia narrated. She was surprised by the gatecrasher, but as an animal lover, she found the dog’s antics cute.

After the ceremony, Matheus and Marilia searched for the unusual guest because they have decided to adopt him. Unfortunately, the canine was nowhere to be found; he was last seen attending the reception and shamelessly enjoying the buffet.

“Clearly, this poor dog has no place to call his home, so we wanted to keep him,” Marilia said. “It was not easy to find him, which took us a long wait. Thankfully, we got a call yesterday saying they had finally tracked his whereabouts.”

The wedding crasher is now named Snoop and presently part of the Pieroni’s. Matheus, Marilia, and Snoop have found their happily ever after thanks to an unexpected rainstorm on what was supposed to be a dry September.

Source: Keenan Hyde via The Dog Vibe


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