Things may be “ruff” right now due to social distancing. However, this delivery dog proves that people have nothing to “wine” about.

To slow down the spread of the novel coronavirus, many businesses and restaurants across the world have recently switched to delivery and take-out only. Like them, Stone House Urban Winery from Hagerstown, Maryland, decided to do the same.



While most businesses stick with the traditional way of delivery, some choose to be a bit more creative. That includes Lori Yata, the winery’s co-owner. Lori came up with a perfect solution to doing a no-contact delivery. She decided to employ Soda Pup, her 11-year-old boxer mix.

According to reports, the 75-pound Soda Pup has recently become the winery’s onsite delivery boy. He offers curbside delivery to those who pick up the bottles of wine that they ordered. The management also shared the latest policy change on their Facebook page.


In the post, Soda Pup explained that his mom told him how the pandemic is affecting small businesses like theirs. So, all of them have to pitch in and pull their weight. For shoppers who want to keep their distance from everyone else, all they need to do is call the winery and place their order.


The post also included a picture of Soda Pup, who was wearing his delivery gear. Soda Pup’s saddlebag has pockets on both sides, allowing him to carry up to two bottles at a time. For those who are worried about the dog, his owner said that he gets several breaks from his hard day at work.

Since Soda Pup started his job, Lori said that the business has been booming. People would often call them and specifically ask to have the dog deliver the wine to them. Some were also first-time customers, who said that they came in to meet Soda Pup in person. Good job, little boy!

Credit: Stone House Urban Winery


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