Jindol is a happy dog. Well, he certainly looks one. But when someone offers him food, he starts getting vicious, violent and venomous.

But put the bowl of food down, he wags his tail as his mistress approaches to pet him on the head.

His mistress has no idea why Jindol goes beast-mode during eating time. Maybe Jindol does not like dog food? Mistress prepares an array of beef jerky, ham, and some doggy treats and offers them to Jindol. The dog snarled at his owner ungratefully.


Maybe Jindol thinks the bowl is too ugly and wants to be hand-fed? So Mistress started hand-feeding Jindol… until the dog snapped at her hand! She barely jumped back with a bite wound. It wouldn’t be a first. Mistress shows scars of past bite marks during feeding time. There were plenty.

The only way Mistress was able to feed Jindol is by prodding the bowl with a mop.

When a man gives him food, Jindol happily accepts the bowl and devours its contents. Jindol even exposed his belly for a rub. His mistress looks on as she contemplates how life can be so unfair:


But why is Jindol behaving this way?

According to Professor Lee Woong-jong, it seemed that Jindol associated her mistress’ profile — female, middle-aged, with short hair — as someone who gave him bad memories. Her mistress mentioned that her sister in law used to own Jindol, but was then given to her (for unknown reasons). Maltreatment was not mentioned, but you could say that the dog was unwanted, hence the negative recollection. With Jindol’s previous owner, it seemed that bad things happen during feeding time.

The professor has some amusing and surprising suggestions on what Mistress can do. To find out what they are, you can watch the video here:

Source: SBS TV동물농장x애니멀봐  via YouTube


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