The bond between a caring owner and a loyal dog is nonbreakable, even between life and death. After his owner died, this German Shepherd dog, named Tommy, still showed up in church every day to wait for his deceased owner.

Tommy attended mass daily at an Italian church after the death of his master. He was adopted and taken care by Maria Margherita Lochi when she found Tommy dumped in a ground near their home.

Both are accustomed to walking from home to church in attending the church service every day. Tommy always keeps himself behaving well, so the priest let him sit by Mrs. Lochi’s feet. When his owner died, Tommy patiently sits during the church mass where his master’s funeral took place.


After Lochi’s death, Tommy also participated mourners at the memorial service in the church. Since then, he came to church on time to join the mass celebration. He was allowed to stay inside the church since Tommy behaves well.

Father Donato Panna, the priest, shared that during the mass, Tommy did not make any sound and did not even bark ever since he came in. He also added that this dog is very much dedicated to his master.

No parishioner ever made a complaint about this dog’s presence inside the church. Tommy is still hoping that his late master would return and just quietly sits near the altar.


After his master has passed away, Tommy was adopted by the village community with caring people giving him food and water. He is everyone’s friend in the village. Everyone in that place provides him something to eat.

However, Father Panna shared that It is much better if Tommy would find a good home for him.

This heartbreaking story reminds us that no such thing could ever break the great bond flavored with unconditional love and faithfulness.

Here is a video below that shows the touching story of a loyal dog.

Video credit Fun Facts About Dogs via YouTube


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