We are still at a point where social distancing is a must, so obviously, proms are canceled this school year. A high school student from Texas understood and supported the school’s decision, but this did not prevent him from enjoying the supposedly glamorous occasion. He decided to celebrate prom at home, and he even had the best date ever!

Josh Robert was only too happy to party at home because he could do it with his best girl. His prom date? It’s none other than his beloved pup, Reba. She has been Josh’s best friend for ten years, and until now, the pup still sleeps beside him. Understandably, Josh wants her to be a part of his teenage history.

The whole family was supportive of Josh’s plan. His sister Mackenzie turned one of her old dresses into a fabulous dog gown for Reba. The cut definitely flatters Reba’s figure, and the embellishments sure bring out the sparkle in the adorable pup’s gorgeous eyes. Of course, her gown’s color is well-coordinated with Josh’s suit.


Another family member volunteered to be their photographer. Tommie, Josh’s aunt, captured Reba’s regal charm in their official photo. Even the candid shots are amazing, proving that Reba is an ideal and perfect model. Tommie admitted that Reba could be a diva sometimes, but of course, that is expected from supermodels like her.


Reba was joined by another important girl in Josh’s life. Sesi is Josh’s girlfriend of six months, but during the prom, she was more of a supportive third wheel. In fact, Sesi also loves Reba, and she knows that at home, Reba owns Josh.

The prom would not be complete without hailing the royalty of the night. Hands down, Reba won the title as prom queen. The tiara was obviously made for her. Enjoy your prom!

Credits to Mackenzie


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