Puppy mills are institutions that breed puppies for sale, typically on an intensive basis and in the circumstances regarded as cruel. Fortunately for some dogs like Charlie Brown, shelters try to shut down these mills.

Charlie’s story

Bailey Clement and her daughter heard about Charlie Brown through mutual friends. They were touched by his story and decided to foster him. They picked him up during quarantine after he was rescued from a puppy mill where he had lived his entire life.

It almost seemed like Charlie didn’t know how to act like a dog. His tail wasn’t wagging, and he always crouched down.


Charlie was very timid, but he was also gentle. Bailey and her daughter knew they had to be gentle with him. They were determined to help her feel safe in their house.

Every time Bailey tried to take Charlie out for a walk, the dog would only take a few steps before lying down on the ground. Bailey and her daughter resorted to giving Charlie treats in hopes of getting him to play.

Road to forever home

After a few weeks, they noticed that Charlie became more responsive. Charlie started to love going on walks and being snuggled.

Charlie’s tail started to wag more often, and he even began to play with toys and Belle, Bailey’s daughter’s dog. In just a few weeks, Charlie blossomed into a different dog. He turned out to be a brilliant and playful dog.

When Bailey and her daughter decided that Charlie was ready to be adopted, they realized that he fit in with their family. They couldn’t imagine seeing Charlie going anywhere else, so they chose to adopt him.

Bailey and her daughter were happy to have a new member in their family. They were determined to give Charlie a life he deserved.

Watch the heartwarming story here:

Source: The Dodo via Youtube



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