About two weeks ago, Horseshoe Bend School held a graduation ceremony for their senior class. In this event, the graduates were supposedly the stars of the show. Yet, Charlie stole the spotlight. And he did bring joy, laughter, and entertainment to everyone present at the graduation rites.

Charlie is an adorable pooch owned by Logan Branch, a graduating senior student of Horseshoe who lives not too far away from the campus. During school days, Charlie is often seen wandering around the school visiting students who are on breaks. Soon, he stole the hearts of almost every student in the school. And with the current school year ending, Charlie decided to leave a mark in a very special and hilarious way.


“Nobody had any clue at all that he’d be there,” said Branch. “He came through the gate and surprised us all!”

But the surprise didn’t end with Charlie barging in uninvited. After a few moments of lingering around, the lovely pooch made his move that really stole the show. He went forward and relieved himself right on the decorative fern in front of all the people.

The graduates tried all they could in keeping it together but Charlie is quite the distraction. And everybody completely lost it. Watch Charlie here:



Branch said that the moment they saw Charlie approaching the plant they already knew what’s going to happen next. And the class just couldn’t help it but laugh. Well, Charlie’s absolutely entertaining, isn’t he?

While the black and white pup didn’t seem bothered by his actions, his owner was probably a little embarrassed with what transpired. Could you point who he is?

Nevertheless, the ceremony proceeded and the students had their own times to shine. But still, Charlie was the real star of the show. The spotlight was his and the crowd’s reaction made him feel he did a very good job.

Credits to Summer Films


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