There are many reasons to cause a couple to fight, however, there is never a good one.  A dog can not determine the reasoning, but he doesn’t have to. In this case, Bailey shows his decision by reacting in his way.

Dogs are known for their loyalty. If they know that their human is in danger, they will do everything in their power to keep their human safe. But what if a dog has two owners and a fight erupts between them?

How will a dog decide which one to be most loyal to? The person who feeds him, perhaps? Or the one who never forgets to buy him treats?


In our featured video, we experiment with this conundrum. Here we feature a couple and their dog. The couple fakes a fight.

They then wait to see how their dog, Bailey, will react. And whose side he will take. The result of this experiment will surprise you.

Or maybe not. But it’s adorable nonetheless.


As you have seen on the video, Bailey took his mommy’s side. Maybe mommy is the one responsible for filling his food bowl on a daily basis, which explains why Bailey took her side. Or maybe his dad was just acting like a complete douchebag.

And, yes, Bailey’s dad was acting like a complete douchebag. But that was exactly the point. Dad wanted a reaction from Bailey so he took the role of the bad guy.

Meanwhile, Bailey’s mom took the role of the oppressed. And both mom and dad seem like good enough actors. They had Bailey convinced.

Bailey’s Lesson To Us

As expected, Bailey took the side of the oppressed. That is a good reaction. We must all follow Bailey’s example.

In any fight, real or fake, we must always take the side of the oppressed. We must defend the oppressed from its oppressor. Just like what Bailey did.

Kudos to Bailey for showing that dogs are indeed loyal creatures. And, most importantly, they are sensible beings. Otherwise, Bailey would have sided with his dad, who was the bad guy.

Cheers to all those who champion the oppressed!

Thanks to Funny Dog Bailey


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