An animal shelter that had been posting about one of their long-time canine residents in an attempt to attract adopters has finally found the perfect forever home for the dog.

Warren is a Rottweiler-mastiff mix estimated to be a little more than 12 years old. He has been staying at the Friends of Virginia Beach Animals shelter for more than a year primarily because the staff found it challenging to find a suitable family for him.

When Warren first arrived at the shelter, he wasn’t amiable at all, and he liked it best when people steered clear of his personal space.

Warren’s disposition led the employees to believe that the Rottweiler mix had been kept outside by his former owner for practically his entire life. Hence, the dog hasn’t gotten a lot of opportunities to interact with humans and other animals.

Image credit: Friends of Virginia Beach Animals on Facebook

It took the shelter volunteers and staffers a long time—and lots of treats, fluffy blankets, and central air conditioning—to get Warren to accept and trust them.

Still, the senior dog didn’t like being touched even by the humans he liked. He does enjoy cuddling with his caregiver, but nobody could put their hands on his belly or hind paws.

As such, Warren could only go to a quiet home with no children. The shelter wasn’t even sure if the canine would be okay with other pets; if the animals fought, it would be challenging to get between them because of the senior dog’s sensitivity to touch.

One day, the staff discovered a compelling reason for immediate adoption: Warren was suffering from renal failure as well as an enlarged prostate.

As much as the pooch was happy and cared for at Friends of Virginia Beach Animals, the staff wanted him to spend the rest of his life in a forever home.

So the shelter posted about Warren on their Facebook page once again, citing his condition, and this time the response was positive—several families called them to inquire about the senior dog.

In the end, they chose a Norfolk woman named Leslie Garrett to be Warren’s new fur mom. Leslie has experience with terminally ill dogs; almost a year before, her Schipperke, Foxy, died of cancer. Moreover, her home has neither children nor other pets.

Warren himself looks content in his new home, and we’re sure he’s spending his old age in the level of comfort he’s gotten used to at the shelter.

Watch Warren here:

Source: Inside Edition on YouTube


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