Everybody knows how energetic their canine pals are. Dogs possess incredible energy levels that they manage to perform various intense activities throughout the day.

With this, an adorable puppy shows to its fur parent it’s energy levels even while inside the house. Though the pooch ended up getting the crazy zoomies, one can only leave the pup doing what it wants to do.

What’s all the fuss about, huh?

In this mind-boggling footage, a brown-furred fluffy puppy stands on their carpeted floor. At first, it seems the pooch’s merely taking a look at its surroundings.


However, the pup soon sprints towards a far off corner of the room. Even before it could reach its destination, the energetic puppy makes a quick U-turn to return to its original location.

For the next few seconds, the active pup runs back and forth across the corridor for no apparent reason. By the looks of it, the pooch’s experiencing a bout of the zoomies.

Can’t you stop squeaking?


On and on, the funny puppy carried on sprinting until it chanced upon a peculiar object. Upon seeing the item, the pooch takes a quick breather to devise a strategy to get it.

It turns out; a squeaky toy runs across the carpeted floor as well. The intrigued pup then stopped running and took its sweet time to get the toy.

After a few heart-stopping seconds, the dog finally grabbed the squeaky toy with its mouth. The pooch then animatedly thrashes the toy around to celebrate its victory.

But, all the squeaking the toy made eventually irritated the pooch as it once again sets off running around the house to try silencing it. Do you think this made the toy stop squeaking? Click on the video link below to see how it ended.

Video Credit: Rumble Viral via YouTube


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