Certain comforts give us a sense of well-being, and for this white dog, that’s his hooman dad’s back. We’ll explain in a minute.

Mangmung’s a white puppy who’s adored and doted on. You can say he’s a spoiled little pet who loves getting to places with his dad.


When Mangmung’s dad stoops down to clean the floor, the furry puppy doesn’t waste time and climbs up his favorite spot of transportation.

The dad indulges his pet, much like a baby, and gives in to Mangmung’s wishes. Aww, hassle or not, that act itself’s endearing.

Typically, when dogs feel they’re on unstable ground, and they aren’t on their feet, they get frazzled. Not our Mangmung – this little rascal looks quite comfy!

We don’t know how long this back riding’s been going on, but if it doesn’t let up soon, the dad’s back might break.


Mangmung’s family suspects that he just likes getting from one place to another without using his legs. Well, we must say this pet’s smart and practical, if not a little too wise, if you get our drift.

The hooman parents try to teach the pup the importance of literally carrying one’s weight. They let Mangmung off on the streets to walk. The puppy proceeds to take a few steps and abruptly runs back home.

Mangmung huffed his disapproval of the treatment – how dare his dad not carry him for a walk around? So the loving dad once again took his pet, and off the duo went for a walk.

We’ll repeat it; he’s one privileged pup. Just look at the utter glee on Mangmung’s face when his dad carries him around.

Back home, the pet continues to enjoy staying on the hooman dad’s back. We’re sure new updates will come soon, it’d better be good for the dad’s sake!

Photo and video credits to SBS TV via YouTube


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