Greyhounds are some of the most inhumanely bred canines out there. Breeders make a lot of money from breeding Greyhounds because they are popular in the racing industry. But as soon as these dogs outlive their purpose, they are discarded in shelters and are left in such dire situations.

Bodhi is one of these greyhounds. After having been retired from the racing industry, he was abandoned at a Hemopet, a blood bank for dogs. There Bodhi stayed in a cage that was too small for his body. The unfortunate pup could barely stretch his legs.

In his cage, Bodhi had a hard time standing up. He had a hard time turning around. After getting lots of exercise as a racing dog, he became rather inactive due to his restrictive cage.


To make the situation worse, Bodhi had to be bled every 10 to 15 days. To say that Bodhi’s case is the epitome of animal cruelty and abuse would be an understatement. Bodhi was truly living a cursed life.


If left in that situation longer, Bodhi’s health would have deteriorated quickly. Thankfully, the good men and women from PETA had better plans for Bodhi. They came to rescue the dog, alongside many others from the blood bank.

Now Bodhi has a second chance at life. He is currently living the life he has always deserved, under the care of his adoptive family. Also, Bodhi was able to see the ocean for the very first time.

After living in a cage for too long, it looked like Bodhi was overwhelmed by the sight of the expansive ocean. And watching the video of Bodhi’s first ocean encounter is just as overwhelming, most especially if you know what Bodhi has been through for most of his life. This is one of those sorry stories with a happy ending.

Hopefully, more dogs like Bodhi in his previous lifeĀ could have their happy ending too.

Thanks to PETA via YouTube


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