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People come and people go, but a real best friend sticks until the end. This may be so true for Rafael Montasso, whose wife left him on his thirtieth birthday with nothing but a dog. His wife took everything—the cookware, furniture, photos, and decorations from the house — all except for a bull terrier she named after her favorite shoe designer: Jimmy Choo.

At a moment where life was dull and bland for Rafael, Jimmy proved to spark colors to it once again. Rafael noticed the dead white walls highly contrasted with the energy of Jimmy trotting and running around the house in pure joy. He then snapped photos of Jimmy, whom he now calls his best friend, until it collapsed in joyful exhaustion.


Armed with an artistic mind and a marker, Rafael started drawing a new world for his ginger-eared pup as it lies on the ground. For him, this moment awakened a long-dormant passion for art and life. Everything turned out to be a success as he excitedly released photos upon photos of brilliant illustrations of Jimmy.


This fun series portrays Jimmy in unimaginable scenarios. One picture shows Jimmy singing like a pro, another one he is playing the piano. Still, another one, kissing Tinker bell! There is no end for amazing illustrations by the collaboration of Rafael and Jimmy.

You can see more photos of Jimmy enjoying every moment of the shoot.

Now, Rafael has compiled all these photos and created his book entitled, “A Dog Named Jimmy: The Social Media Sensation,” and is already available on Amazon. Rafael continues to produce such art with Jimmy, and the internet cannot help but be amazed at the connection that the two have with each other.
Check out Rafael’s Instagram account, where he followed by over 600k followers. Undeniably, Jimmy and Rafael have inspired a lot of people with their connection and love for one another.

Thank you, Rafael, for posting the original story.


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