If you ever rescued an animal before or have seen a dog or a kitten starving to death, you can tell that it’s excruciatingly painful. This story actually shares the same feeling. But it is a good thing it turns out great in the end.

It was almost Christmas in 2017. On December 23, an Argentine lady named Pia discovered this little guy in critical straits. While visiting companions in Buenos Aires, Pia spotted the impoverished dog lurking around the area. The puppy was unmistakably panicked and in trouble.


Her friends were not able to catch the dog, however, Pia would not abandon the needy creature. When she, in the end, discovered him lying by a house, she had seen no sparkle in his eyes, as if he had surrendered. 

Fortunately, Pia was prepared to battle for the dog. She quickly carried him to a vet and that is the place the fight for his life began.

The vet confronted Pia and told her that they needed to check if Hercules can last through the weekend. At that time, he looked like he can’t survive. On that same moment, she realized that she needs to help the dog at all cost.


His first few days were the cutting moment or the time that Pia needs to decide whether she can keep on fighting for the dog’s life. Hercules is so ill that he can’t eat during those days. The only thing that he can intake is water just to make him stay hydrated.

After Christmas, December 26th, he was discharged from the clinic and Pia brought him into a foster care for animals that have been abused or abandoned.

It is not so long ago that by February, Hercules’ hair started to grow back, and he’s showing too much energy and his eyes are alive again. When Pia saw that transformation, she decided to permanently adopt the dog, and he stayed on her home.

Taking Hercules’ to the vet changed his future. According to Pia, during those times when the dog started to grow back his hair, it is the time that she can see his eyes shining again as a sign of brand-new life. She believes that he is her miracle, and she will never forget how she met him.

See this inspiring video of Hercules and how much has changed from the first time Pia saw him:

Source: Herculesysubanda via Instagram


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