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Tia Vargas and her dad, Ted Kasper, are regulars when it comes to trekking on challenging trails. The father-daughter even bond by going on hiking trips annually.

One summer in July, they decided to climb up the 11,106-foot Table Rock Trail of the Grand Tetons in Wyoming. The hike that time was a little bit too much for the 76-year-old Ted, so he took a rest while Tia continued the climb. In the end, she reached the summit first while the aging man stayed a mile down the peak.


When Ted saw his daughter descending from the mountain, he was taken aback – on her shoulder was a huge English Springer Spaniel! Apparently, on Tia’s way down, she came across a family of distraught hikers. It turns out they were concerned about an injured dog they found along the trail.

Tia narrated that at first, the family thought that the dog was hers. They had seen a note at the foot of the mountain, mentioning a lost dog. So when the mother of three denied the ownership, she could see the anxiety in their faces. Because the group had children in tow, it was either they abandon the dog and continue up or resue him by climbing down.


In the end, Tia volunteered to take on the burden. She hoisted the 55-pound limping canine on her shoulder and met up with her father. Ted even jested that Tia doesn’t seem to be challenged enough with the hike that she wants to carry a heavy dog too.

The 6-mile journey down the mountain’s treacherous path was a lot harder. Not including the 55-pound baggage, the two were met with inclement weather, which made it hard for them to find their way down. The occasional rain and snow made the trail unrecognizable that they even got lost twice!

Upon reaching the bottom of the mountain, Tia got in touch with the dog’s owner and learned that Boomer, the injured canine, had fallen off a 100-foot cliff and lurched down 200 feet. The owners were not even expecting the dog to survive the accident.

Coincidentally, Boomer was about to be sent to another home as the owners were moving to Arizona. But when the family learned of how much care and protection their dog received from the father-daughter hikers, they knew in their hearts where their dog should belong – Tia.

Source: Lori Ennis via Pet Guide


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