Homeless dogs are in unfortunate situations because they don’t have a place and family to call their own, as well as good food to eat. They usually eat discarded food they found in the trash or dumpsters near restaurants. Good thing that there are still some people who find happiness in making homeless dogs feel good. This video is all about that, letting in dogs for a home-cooked meal that these lucky furballs choose!

Meet Freddie Mercury and Bosco

We all know Freddie Mercury, but this Freddie Mercury is not as popular and is in fact homeless for reasons still unidentified. This Freddie Mercury and friend Bosco were so lucky to be at the right place and time when a good Samaritan passed by. Today, they are going to be in a real home and going to eat a fresh home-cooked meal, which ingredients will be handpicked by no less than themselves! This is a must-watch!

Bosco and Freddie Mercury are no longer homeless dogs

After that meal and video, homeless friends Bosco and Freddie Mercury are no longer homeless dogs because they now have a home — at least until this good Samaritan finds someone who’s willing to adopt them. For now, they no longer need to stroll the streets of the city aimlessly with the hope of getting food in dumpsters and trash. They will also get the sanitation nd grooming that they both really need as of the time being.

Indeed, homeless dogs are not the most fortunate of their kind, but there is always hope that they will find their own luck in people like the one in the video. These kinds of stories are so inspiring that there should be more of this on the net. It also comes with the hope that there would be more people like this dog lover in the video.

Rocky Kanaka via Youtube


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