Happy Welsh Terrier waiting for her homemade dog food with ground turkey
Who Wants To Cook For Me?

Hello, my friends, it’s the Larry. Today, I’m going to show you a recipe of homemade dog food with ground turkey that is easy and nutritious. Our dog Monty, is 3 and a half years old.¬† (You know he’s still young cuz you have to add the half. LOL!)

He has really thrived with this meal plan, amongst others. We do change it up for him a bit just like we do for our family. Maybe not as often on the day-to-day.

We had decided to switch him from the store-bought food to homemade food. I thought, if everyone else in our house was eating wholesome, delicious, why not Monty.


Plus, I’ve found out that making this homemade dog food with ground turkey is really easy to do. You have so many different options to choose from to change it up.¬†This is great, well-balanced starter recipe, that’s both easy to make and versatile.

The Big Warning!

Before we begin, I would suggest that, if you’re planning to start making any homemade dog food for your pet, you do a little research first. This is especially important for you to know which human foods dogs are not supposed to eat.

For instance, there are simple ingredients we use in our recipes like chives, garlic, onions, grapes and raisins, or spices like nutmeg or cocoa powder. These are but a few that are going to give your pal a trip to the vet emergency. They are quite toxic.

There are many more that are not as life threatening, but still can make your dog quite sick. Sometimes not even immediately.

What I would recommend you do is a quick Google search to find a list of foods they can’t or shouldn’t eat. Or look for some good dog food cookbooks. I have done a little of the research, so make sure to check out these books I found when I was researching for this myself.

man doing research

I also talked to my vet, just to make sure that I am not missing out on something important. You may feel you need to be overly concerned with all of this, but there’s really not a lot to fret about.

Look, just stay away from the toxic foods and choose the ones that are nutritionally complete. It’s a lot easier than you think. You can do this.

Let’s Start Cooking Homemade Dog Food With Ground Turkey!

To start with, heat up a fairly big skillet over medium heat. You can also use a large pot, if you’re doubling or tripling this recipe. Just make sure you have enough room for mixing around 8 or 9 cups of ingredients.

Melt in a tablespoon of coconut oil and as soon as the coconut oil melts, add in one pound of ground turkey. You could sub in ground beef, lamb or chicken if that is what you have available.

Next, you should break it up, so you have little chunks and let this cook about 10 minutes. What you’re looking for is for it to be cooked through and a golden brown sear. Just like you would for your meals.

“Brown food’s good!”, as Chef Ann always says.

Brown Food's Good

Once that’s done, add in around three cups of vegetables. In this recipe, we are using one cup each of fresh grated zucchini and carrots. Added to that is rough chopped spinach. Again about a cups worth.

If you’re thinking of adding salt to this, don’t. Salt is not a good spice to add to your dog’s food, but a lot of other herbs and spices are.

In this one add half a teaspoon of turmeric because of its anti-inflammatory properties and it’s also great to aid with digestion. Next, a pinch of ground black pepper, to help activate the turmeric.

Stir all this together to get all the meat and vegetables mixed together and let it cook for another eight to ten minutes. What we want here is for all the veggies to get nice and tender. We grated and cut everything small so it doesn’t take much time.

Then turn off the heat and mix in one or two beaten eggs into the cooked meat and veggies. The remaining heat from the hash, will cook the egg(s), so make sure to stir it in until it’s well combined. The egg is going to add extra flavor, protein, some healthy fats, vitamins and minerals.

SHHH! Don’t Tell Anyone!

And now the final secret ingredient, three cups of cooked brown rice. This could also be white rice, but brown is more wholesome. Stir this in so that it’s thoroughly mixed together.

Brown Rice In A Jar

You can cook the rice any way you like. Left over rice, Minute Rice. Even some dog food recipe books say to use frozen and just heat it in the microwave. Whatever way you choose, is fine.

Once everything is mixed together, you should taste it yourself. Remember, if it’s good enough for you to eat, it’s good for your dog.

Now before you go and say, “Yuck!”, this is a meal you would feed to your family, isn’t it. You might add more salt and spices, but it is still perfectly edible.

Unlike for your family, let it cool down completely before you serve a portion to your dog.

The rest should be stored in the fridge, in a container that is airtight for up to five days.

If you made lots or your dog is smaller, you might want to freeze the rest in smaller portions that are about three days worth. It should last in the freezer for about three months.

As for the portion size, that totally depends on the weight of your dog and her physical activity. Just like when you were feeding them store bought dog food.

Eating Homemade Dog Food With Ground Turkey

Basically, for a semi active dog about 40 to 45 pounds (17 to 22 kilos), you’re looking at feeding him around 2 cups a day. So this recipe will last around 3 days.

If you plan to cook for your dog on the regular, double or triple the recipes. That way you won’t have to be cooking for your dog every three or four days. You can make enough to freeze for two or three weeks.

Maybe One Of These Methods Are More For You

Maybe you’re not ready to go all in and start cooking for your dog(s) on a daily or weekly schedule. Or maybe you don’t have the time. You can just add a bit of leftover egg or carrot to her daily meal. A spoonful of your Greek yogurt can give her the treat she thinks your eating.

However, there is another alternative. Have you ever heard about food for your dog specially made for his breed and dietary needs. It is a wholesome, delicious option. Food recipes that are created by canine dieticians and veterinarians and delivered to you on your schedule.


There are many companies to choose from. You are not tied down to one food (protein) choice or one business and their recipes. And best of all, all of these companies guarantee real foods, as locally sourced as they can and preservative free.

Check them out in this article.

Thanks for reading and hopefully I have helped you with the health of your little buddy. I know this info has helped me as I have researched it for our Little Monty.





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