Dogs are no doubt the most caring and sweet creatures on this Earth. Apart from being the best guide dogs, they are also the perfect nannies that a mother can have to take care of their babies.

There are a lot of people out there who are very skeptical of the idea of having a dog as an assistant in babysitting. They raised health and hygiene concerns and even the trust in leaving their kids to these furry creatures.

Allow us to convince you more as to how our well-trained dogs become the most suitable choice for this position. Take a look at the video below and see how the dog showed so much care and love for the infant.


Watch the video below.


Here, you will see how the dog reacted to the crying baby. He instantly went to the baby’s side and comforted him. The dog, with an instinct of a mother, entertained the baby and to distract him from crying. Fortunately, the baby gave in and stopped crying.

Our thoughts

This video does not only show the capability of the dog to entertain the baby. It also shows the motherly instincts which pushed the little dog to act and find ways to stop the baby from crying. This video only proves that dogs are capable of understanding their environment and responding according to the needs of the people around them.

Dogs are not only meant to keep our homes entertain or our nights secure. They are capable of giving out love and care. We need to listen to them and be more patient with them. If they can make us feel like they value us like their family, we should do the same to them. It is only right that we treat as part of our family rather than just pets.

Source: Facebook via LADbible


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