Fur parents know how mischievous their canine pals can be. Even if you subject your dogs to the most rigorous obedience tests, they still find a way to break the rules simply to have fun.

Thus, one witty English bulldog makes its way around the famous “leave it” challenge. Despite its canine sibling’s warnings, the pooch chooses to give in to its cravings.

Don’t touch the food, okay?

In this hilariously adorable footage, two well-behaved English Bulldogs sit on the floor. However, the doggy pair isn’t merely taking a breather as Mom places two platefuls of doggy treats in front of them.


Before the dogs start digging into their delectable snack, Mom instructs not to touch them. Though quite puzzling, the two pooches’ all ears to what Mom has to say.

It turns out; Mom tries the famed “leave it” challenge to see if she can trust her dogs when she’s not around. As soon as she finished giving directions, Mom leaves them behind.

Hey, what’re you doing?

As Mom leaves, the two canines silently follow the direction she took. Though the dogs want to disobey their fur mom, they don’t want to receive her ire either.

But, the brown-furred English bulldog can’t resist the temptation anymore as it soon cranes its head towards the plate. The brown dog then quickly rises to saunter towards the container.

Seeing what its canine sibling did, the white-furred pooch gazes questioningly at its sibling. Despite its sibling’s subtle warnings, the brown dog chooses to give in to temptation.

Without wasting any second, the brown English bulldog munches on its share of the delectable doggy treats. But, even before the pooch could finish its meal, Mom returns to check how the dogs fared.

How do you think Mom reacted to the naughty dog’s actions? You’ll only see by clicking the play button in the video below.

Video Credit: Rumble Viral via YouTube



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