A mother’s the most prestigious title one can ever hold. Take this momma dog Gumdoong, a brown and black dog who lived on the streets.

She survived with the help of her eldest daughter, Heendong, a white doggo who faithfully followed her mom.


Together, mama Gumdoong and daughter Heendong watched each other’s backs. It wasn’t easy when Gumdoong sported a snare stuck deep in one of her front legs.

We’re just thankful that kind humans fed these two pets and made their lives easier. These hoomans didn’t know that their act of kindness not only helped these two; it also saved five more little ones.

The lady who fed the dogs observed that Gumdoong would take the food and hobble away – she didn’t know where. So the producers of this video decided to follow and discovered five puppies running towards mama.

No wonder you’re so motivated, Gumdoong! Your efforts paid off – those adorable pups look so fluffy and in good health.


The team then decided to stage a rescue to get these doggies safe. It took patience and time, but both Gumdoong and Heendong were saved.

The puppies came next, and their adorable faces and wagging tails made the rescue a fun and heart-warming one.

All pets visited the vet, and thanks to your donations, we’re happy to share that Gumdoong’s injury won’t bother her anymore. The doc says she’ll walk by herself pretty soon, and we’re celebrating!

All furry animals suffered from ticks and fleas, but nothing that can’t be cured in a week. We just can’t wait to see them all back on their feet and cared for by a loving family.

We can see this doggo family running around and having the best time of their lives together. Who wouldn’t want to become part of such a courageously adorable brood?

Photo and video credits to SBS TV via YouTube


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