Puppies, just like children, possess an inquisitive nature. No matter where these little dogs go, they always find something interesting to tinker.

Thus, a particular Golden Retriever pup takes a look at an ice cube its fur parent gave it. But, the ice cube’s coldness is too much for the puppy to handle as it ended up feistily battling it.

Here’s a treat for you.

In this amusing footage, a cute Golden Retriever puppy named Uno innocently lies on the tiled floor. By the looks of it, the pooch’s ready to tuck itself to sleep.


However, before Uno could make the necessary preparations for snoozing, his fur mom calls his attention. Most dogs by now would’ve immediately complied, but Uno chose to stay instead.

With this, Mom can’t help but laugh and comment about Uno’s idleness. Thus, instead of waiting, Mom doles out a curious-looking object towards the pup.

Why is it cold?

A few seconds after Mom threw the peculiar object, Uno starts sniffing it. At some point, the pup even attempts to munch on the said item.

It turns out; Mom gave Uno a freezing ice cube to play. Just like most puppies, the Golden Retriever immediately preps itself to play with it.

However, the moment its mouth touched the ice’s surface, Uno backed away. Bewildered with what just happened, the pup decided to make another attempt. But, just like earlier, Uno backs away from the ice cube and vigorously shakes his head to rid of the coldness.

Seeing this, Mom and her friends can’t help but laugh at the pup’s hilarious yet adorable reaction. Despite his fur parent’s response, Uno carries on with his exploration of the ice cube. How do you think this video ended? Click the play button in the link below to see how it ends.

Video Credit: Rumble Viral via YouTube



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