Just one more FaceTime chat! It happens to everyone when you’re so tired from the day’s grind, but you still manage to call your partner in crime.

You struggle to keep your eyes open until the inevitable happens. You fall asleep in the middle of your video chat.

This is the story of Sam Stine from Philadelphia, PA who was video chatting with his girlfriend, Brookelyn Bilski, via FaceTime. It was very late in the evening when they chatted.

They have been chatting away for quite some time already when Brookelyn fell asleep without realizing it. Sam thought it was the end of, the call, but someone had shown up on his screen. He thought Brookelyn was alone but she wasn’t.

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Brookelyn’s dog, Leo, a sweet and fluffy Chihuahua, took over FaceTime and kept Sam company. It was so funny and adorable!

Leo was always at the side of Brookelyn so it didn’t take long before he saw Brookelyn falling asleep. He had to take over.

Leo popped up on the screen as Brookelyn dozed away. He was staring right at the screen. He was staring directly into Sam’s eye like they were having a conversation.

Well, in that brief moment, Sam felt like he’s gotten to know Leo more.

Sam had a good time with Leo that he took a screenshot and tweeted the photo. His post gained popularity because a lot of people could relate to it.

Other people also shared their own experiences and photos of their dogs taking over their video calls. Some even added that dogs do love barging into video chats and want to get attention.

Sam and Brookelyn were so glad about Leo’s instant popularity and the attention that people are giving him. They’re happy about how other people appreciated Leo.

Time and time again dogs prove how they’re more just than your best friend. In Leo’s case, he’s also family.

Thanks Leo for gracing the internet and showing people how dogs can be a good FaceTime chat mate.

Source: Twitter via @spicegirlsam


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