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Some people leave, and some people stay, and some need to abandon others because of old age.

That’s what happened with Jake, a 5-year-old border collie; his former owner dropped him at an animal shelter in Corsicana, Texas. He had no idea what was happening, but when his owner walked away, he stopped smiling. It seems he felt that he was left behind and it was the saddest thing.


He was once a dog that roams freely inside the house and staying inside the cage sapped the energy out of him. He was sheltered for a time waiting for adoption, but time passed, and no application of adoption came through for Jake. The co-founder of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC, Ms. Stacey Silverstein, said that she was baffled as to why no one’s adopting him.


Jake was then transferred from a shelter kennel in Texas to a cramped vet kennel to yet another small vet cage in New York, due to lack of space and foster families. They were so upset because they don’t have a place for him.

To find Jake a family, they did their best to post his photos on social media, hoping that some family would give him a chance to be one of them. And finally, messages of interest started rolling in. People are offering to foster and adopt Jake.

When Jake found his new forever family, the smile on his face was something his rescuers hadn’t seen before. It seems like he knows he’s finally safe and on to a better life. Jake has adjusted well with his new home and has a large playground to run, roll and cuddle with his
new dog siblings. He’s doing great with his new family, and he’s doing amazing things.

What matters most was that he already found the right family for him, people who will love him forever.

Source: Rescue Dogs Rock NYC via Facebook


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