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Shelters across the United States all have different situations. Some of them have almost empty kennels, some are overflowing with rescued and abandoned dogs, and some even have to resort to putting down overstaying dogs.

Despite having no-kills shelters around, there are still those with policies on putting down animals, especially the sick and overstaying ones. As most shelters are not government funded, they sometimes lack the resources and funds to continue operations and have to keep a euthanasia policy.


However, shelters still do their best to not resort to this policy by giving rescued dogs training classes and even behavioral examinations to train them to be more adoptable and likable to prospect forever homes.

For Hector, a two-year-old dog, it was fortunate that the shelter he was in is a no-kill one. Hector had been staying in Little Valley Animal Shelter, a shelter under the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Hector had been in the shelter since he was rescued in 2017, and has been there for over 500 hundred days.


Hector’s stay in the Exeter shelter had been so long that the staff of the rescue home cannot even understand or comprehend why. The poor dog even had a growing online fan page, proving that he was adorable and is extremely likable.

However, it was also this online fan page that ultimately helped for Hector to be adopted. After the shelter staff posted an update on Hector’s stay in the shelter and how he still has not found a forever home, a lot of inquiries came in asking if they can adopt him.

The shelter volunteers were elated with this outcome for finally, the longest-staying dog in Little Valley will now be re-homed. After half a thousand days of spending his days in the shelter, he will now finally be with a family he can grow old with, and a family that will give him the love and care he deserves.

Photos courtesy of the Little Valley Animal Shelter via Facebook.


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