When a family in Hawaii moved to a new home, they never thought that they would receive an unusual phone call from a concerned neighbor. The house that they had bought had a lanai that had access to the roof. The family thought nothing of it when they went out, but what they didn’t know was that their dog, Check, used the roof access to get to the roof as he checked on his family when they left.

While getting up on the roof may seem harmless, a dog can easily get stuck up there, and with the extreme heat of the sun, a dog can suffer from heatstroke. While on the roof, a dog can also slip and break a bone, or worse.

The family had to call the fire department to help get Check down from the roof. But instead of blocking off the roof access to prevent Check from going up there again, they decided to create Check’s very own lookout post on the roof.

The lookout post was just enough for Check to be able to check on the house from the roof. It was basically a cushion that has a ramp where Check can climb up to. It was blocked off by a screen to keep him from getting on the roof, and Check was more than happy to guard the house from above.

Every time the family goes out and leaves the dog alone in the house, Check would go up to his lookout to see if they had left. He also uses the lookout as he waits for them to come back home.

Check spends most of his day up in his lookout post, what with it having the best vantage point in the entire house. The photo of Check’s lookout post has been posted on Twitter by Alyxah.

Source Alyxah via Twitter


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