Ordinary tasks we do during a regular day like walking your dog is almost a taboo today. This happens as governments all around the world encourage everyone to follow precautionary measures like avoiding crowded places, frequent hand-washing, and staying at home amid the coronavirus pandemic.

A smart way to walk the dog during the pandemic

However, a man from Cyprus named Vakis Demetriou found an effective way to respond to the current dilemma. That was to walk his dog using modern technology amidst enhanced self-isolation. Instead of risking the possibility of transfer of the virus from one person to another, he used his drone to walk his dog as an alternative.

In the photo featured below,  Mr. Demetriou’s fluffy white dog can be seen walking on a deserted street. It was being led by a drone to keep its tracks clear through a video that Mr. Demetrius posted on his Facebook page. The man can also be seen directing the improvised dog walker while standing at the porch of his house.


The happiness of the dog matters


The caption on his posted video says  “On the 5th day of the quarantine, you should stay at home, but never forget the happiness of your dog.” Although it’s a great idea, we actually hope that the sky won’t be full of drones in the near future. It happened  a day right after Prime Minister Boris Johnson informed all restaurants and bars to close ‘as soon as they reasonably can.’

PM Johnson said in his regular briefing that they are telling restaurants, bars, pubs, and cafes to close. The same order will be applied to leisure centers, cinemas, gyms, and theaters. Johnson stated that we need to make an effort today to curve further down the transmission.

Moreover, Boris added that these venues can still pursue to provide ‘takeout services,’ as the government reviews new measures on closures monthly. While addressing the masses, he said that to save lives and protect the healthcare staff, the government is encouraging everyone to stay in their homes.

Source: Photo via The Lad Bible



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