Have you ever named a pet after its most apparent quality? If yes, then I bet you would love to meet Lazy. The world’s most — well, you got the gist. Lazy easily earned his name and captured the hearts of many.

Lucho Bugallo is the proud owner of Lazy, she’s a ten-year-old guard dog and they live in Argentina. Unlike most lively dogs, Lazy is more lowkey among others.


Lazy is best known for doing absolutely nothing, you can expect to see her lying around the house all day. She’s very relaxed and unbothered. In Lucho’s household, they often refer to her as “carpet” as she spends all of her days just lying down.

While other owners would be anxious about Lazy’s constant inactivity, Lucho, on the other hand, isn’t bothered by Lazy’s lack of movement. He’s even comfortable in letting Lazy be lazy – he just wants his dog to do whatever makes her happy.


Lazy sometimes gets in the way of some mundane chores, and the task would be a lot easier to do if Lazy would just muster some motivation to move and get out of the way. But Lucho does not mind her laziness at all, after all, being lazy is what makes her who she is.

I admire how Lucho loved and accepted her laziness, he did not expect her to behave just like other dogs. He said that the reason why we have pets is to make sure they are happy. We are here to make sure that they are happy and appreciated.

When Lucho posted a video of Lazy on Facebook, netizens quickly found her adorable, the video has gone viral since then. Surely, Lazy found a home that’s meant for her — a home that will love and let her be who she is. Watch the clip below:

Video Credit Lucho Bugallo‘s Facebook Page


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