Some people believe that there is no such thing as a coincidence and you are where you are as planned. We can say that our life had already been written in the stars and just waiting for the right moment to unfold in its own perfect time.

Dave McMenamin, a reporter for ESPN, saved a missing dog in the freeway in San Antonio, Texas. He was assigned to cover the basketball game between the San Antonio Spurs and Cleveland Cavaliers.

He thought it was an ordinary day for him, but he unexpectedly became a hero for saving a dog’s life. He was on his way to AT&T Center when he spotted a dirty looking dog that was frantically running across the freeway. The said dog looked confused and scared, so he decided to help the poor pup.


He parked his car by the road and gently approached the dog so as not to startle him. The dog knew that Dave was there to help, however not trusting anyone. Dave said that it took a few minutes before the dog became comfortable and rode the car with him.


He knew that the dog needs help. However, he doesn’t know the area very well and the only reason he was there was only because of work. Dave decided to post his concern via Twitter and added a photo of him with his new dog friend. The two bonded together while waiting for a response and even named him Buddy.

A follower responded and directed him to go to the shelter in the area. Dave was concerned about the dog’s welfare and even considered adopting Buddy. The good thing is Buddy is not homeless, and the staff found that the dog has a microchip and was reported missing by his owner.

Credits to Dave McMenamin


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